Daniel M. Fennick, Attorney

Daniel Fennick has been practicing law since 1979.  He began his career at Central Pennsylvania Legal Services and joined with Steve Converse and Bill Anderson to start Anderson, Converse and Fennick in November, 1981.

      He is a magna cum laude graduate of Tufts University in Medford, Ma and an Honors graduate of Rutgers University School of Law.

      He practices law in a number of different areas.  One of those areas is special education law, where he represents handicapped students who are not receiving the education they are entitled to under the law.  Over the years, he has been on the faculty of programs teaching other lawyers and parents groups about special education law.  He also represents students who are being expelled from school, and has been successful numerous times in convincing schools that some behavior issues are caused by a disability the school has previously refused to acknowledge.

      Finally, he represents three public charter schools in Pennsylvania, including the Lincoln Charter School and Helen Thackston Charter School.  He was the only charter school attorney asked to testify before the Senate Education Committee’s charter school hearings in February, 2009.

      He also works extensively in family law.  He is a former chair of the York County Bar Association’s Family Law Section, and has also been an instructor for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute in family law.  He is currently planning another course for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute on divorce situations where there is a special needs child.

      Mr. Fennick also writes wills, administers estates, and engages in many forms of litigation.  In 1995 , he along with former attorney Lillian P. Morgan, obtained the highest verdict (at that time) in Pennsylvania’s Middle District history against the Standard Register Company for employment discrimination.

      Out of the office, Mr. Fennick has many interests. He has studied martial arts for many years.  He also plays jazz guitar and is an amateur photographer.  He assists in writing and performing in the Bar Stools, the York County Bar Foundation’s satirical musical troupe.  He volunteers with many civic organizations and with many Bar Association committees.